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Kress/AMB Spindles now back in stock

Kress/AMB Spindles now back in stock.   Kress has now been taken over by AMB-ELEKTRIK and hence the delay in getting spindles and collets back in stock.   But now they are now back and available on our online shop ! https://ukcnc.net/index.php?route=product/category&path=63_64

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C5 Ballscrew and Low Profile Rail upgrade for 200mm Coil Winder

We are now able to offer a C5 Ballscrew and Low Profile Rail upgrade option for the 200mm Coil Winding Machine. Also a upgrade option is available for existing owners of machines. Please check the following link for more information: Difference between C7 and C5 ballscrew

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200mm Coil Winding Machines back in stock October 2018.

We now have the next batch of 200mm Coil Winders finished and back in stock ! Please check out the product page for more information: http://www.ukcnc.net/index.php/products/200mm-coil-winder/

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