Coil Winder ARM Controller Software 3.1 released with Firmware 1.5

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Coil Winder ARM Controller Software 3.1 released with Firmware 1.5

We have always stated that our software and firmware is always in development and the main reason is because the more Coil Winding Machines we sell, the more weirder and more wonderful applications people seem to use it for.
So as we get bug reports or feature requests to be added, we try to release a new version as soon as we can.

Recently we sold a machine to a customer who needed very accurate movements down to degree level, using the Scripting engine and off the back of this a few small bugs were found.
These bugs did not really effect the normal Automatic winding feature of the software and firmware, but when sending thousands of quick short commands, there was some tweaking that needed to doing.

The tweaking has ended up in a lot of time re-writing chunks of the firmware and software code and a lot of time sat in front of the machine with a scope and a lot of various combinations of commands being fired at the controller.
We also attached various Micrometer Dial Gauges around the machine and external pulse counters to check every mechanical movement was coming out the same as the scope the debug feedback information from the processor.

I have got to add a great thanks to Dan for really putting the machine through testing and the time he spent helping us out.

Also while tweaking the code to obtain small accurate movements, we have ended up with much cleaner and faster pulse trains, that now improves accuracy and repeatability over the full range of speeds and pitches.
The firmware now looks more closely at the frequency of each motor and taking into account the interpolation that is needed between both motors, alters the pulse train to suit that speed and adjust automatically where needed.

These changes now offer improved return to zero positioning and also resume from pause improvements and higher speeds.
All new machines and ARM controller upgrades will be going out with the new Software and Firmware as default and it is highly recommended that if you have a machine with the new ARM Controller that you upgrade.

As usual the new Software and Firmware can be downloaded from our downloads page.

It has always been free to our customers and will remain so in the future.

Before you upgrade your firmware, please make sure you read the instructions in the forums.