March 2017 update

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March 2017 update

A bit of a long time since our last update!

2017 has been a bit crazy for us as we have been working flat out on getting a new SECRET! product finished for launch.
It has been in the making for the last year and we have spent the last few months finishing off the prototyping and heads buried in coding of the firmware and example software source code to be released.
The new product will have it’s own dedicated support site which will go live very soon.

More information on this product when it is due to be released.


Some more updates on the following:

CNC 800mm X 800mm machine.

Due to other projects getting in the way, the launch of the CNC 800mm x 800mm machine kit is still delayed.
We have had a huge interest in this machine and can only apologise for not getting it to market yet.
Being a small company with limited budget and limited resource, we have to juggle the projects and products to match what we can cope with at the time.
We spent a lot of money and time getting from prototype to finished product and right and are more than keen to recuperate some costs and get it to you guys, so please bear with us.


200mm Coil Winders.

Unusual I know for us to let this popular model run out of stock for so long, but again because we make all our machines here in our small workshop and there is only two of us full time, we have just not had time to make up the next batch.
We do have a email list with people waiting and we will be cracking on with making up the next batch as soon as we finish launching the new SECRET product !


Manual Guitar Pickup Coil Winder.

We designed a Manual Guitar Pickup Coil Winder at the end of last year and instead of selling it ourselves, we have branded it under the Crimson Guitars label and they have sole distribution on it. We have been meaning to update our web pages with the full information, but it is actually now on sale and can be found on their website. We will update our site as soon as we can.


So just a short update to let you know we are still around and more update soon.