Guitar Pickup Manual Coil Winder now available and other updates

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Guitar Pickup Manual Coil Winder now available and other updates

We have been meaning to update our website for the last few weeks, but being so busy it got delayed, but now are pleased to announce that the new Guitar Pickup Manual Coil Winder is now available.

Please check out the link below for more details and videos.


Other Updates

Because of other custom machine build projects and new products we have been developing, stock has been running low on most of our batch machines that we tend to make up in quantities of 25 at a time.
This is because we do actually assemble and fully test each machine ourselves, which takes time and resource. We are not a mass producer and target niche markets to try our best to bring a low cost solution of a machine to people.

We do get emails from people complaining a little when they have to wait for a machine, but all we can say is please be patient with us and we will add you to the email list and also keep you informed of when the machines are back in stock.

We will always be as transparent with you and as a bit of an update, at the moment the following lead times are expected before we will be able to supply the following:

Guitar Pickup Mini Coil Winders: OUT OF STOCK – 6-8 weeks lead time.

200mm Coil Winders: OUT OF STOCK – 12-14 weeks lead time.

CNC Mini Muscle Machines: IN STOCK but getting low.

Manual Coil Winders: IN STOCK and now available.

CNC 800mm x 800mm CNC machine– No ETA at the moment, sorry 🙁

Custom Machine builds: 8-12 month lead time before we can look at any new designs.

Machining Services: As usual we always find time to pop a few sheets of Plywood on the machine during the day and we tend to update our facebook page with these jobs rather than our main website, please feel free to check it out at

Some people will be screaming expand the company and get more resource, but that is something we have had chance to do in the past and declined. We are happy making small machines for niche markets and also enjoy having the time to spend time on the phone talking to customers and helping them out or delaing with it on email. We still try to bring a personal touch to our company and we feel that can get lost when some companies grow to fast.

So for the moment we are keeping it small and focusing on quality products as time allows, no point running a business if you don’t look forward to coming into work each day and having a play !

Also we have another new product that we have been working really hard on and we will be releasing in the next few weeks. We are more than sure that this will be of great interest to people who visit our site and are interested in controlling motors in an easy way for their own designs.

This new product will have a dedicated support website, which is 90% complete with full details, videos and examples to help people out.
Stock of the new product has already arrived and ready for despatch on launch.

More on that in the next few weeks.



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