Update on Coil Winders

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Update on Coil Winders

Quick update on the Coil Winding Machine progress, as we have been getting a lot of emails.

The Guitar Pickup Mini Coil Winders are now being assembled and we expect to have them available within the next 2 weeks.
We will post a notice here in the news section of the site when back in stock, as well as send out a newsletter and of course send out an email to all the people that have emailed us and requested to be put on the list.

As soon as we have finished the Guitar Pickup Mini Coil Winders, we will be starting on assembling the next batch of the 200mm Coil Winders and again we will be sending out an email to anyone that has asked to be informed when back in stock.

Sorry for being out of stock on both these items for a while now, but as explained in other posts, we have been tied up on other projects.

We are pushing as hard as we can to get these back in stock and should beat the lead times we set in the previous post 🙂


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