Update July 2017

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Update July 2017

Sorry for the lack of updates and newsletters, we have been busy as usual and having fun!
First update is that we are having a sale on the Guitar Pickup Manual Coil Winder.
Full details can be found on the product page: http://www.ukcnc.net/index.php/products/manual-coil-winder
Second update is on the CNC 200mm Coil Winders.
After a long wait, We are now full time on getting the next batch of 200mm Coil Winders complete and should have them back on the shop by the middle of August.

Sorry for the delay on these, but we have not stopped making them, we have just had a lot of different projects to juggle this year.
But we are getting there !

The new batch of 200mm Coil Winders have had a couple of changes.

First being that the motor power supply input is now away from the controller box and mounted at the back of the machine with an on/off switch.
And secondly, Closed Loop motors will now be supplied on both the Bobbin motor and Feeder (traverse) motor. We have been supplying the Bobbin motor with a closed loop motor for a while now, but always left the Feeder motor open loop, as it does not require to travel as such high speeds and also kept the price down. But we have now done a deal where it only costs slightly less to use Closed Loop motors on both and improves the performance and accuracy.