GRBL Breakout/Shield kit now available

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GRBL Breakout/Shield kit now available

Today we released a PCB kit for a GRBL Breakout Board that fits the popular Arduino UNO Board.

GRBL is CNC Motion Control firmware that runs on the popular Arduino Uno board.
Connecting up wires can be a little fiddly when trying to connect up Stepper motors, limit switches etc.
So we decided to design a Breakout Board for it and make it available as a DIY solder up kit.

We have brought out the all the pins through buffer chips which are open collector outputs and also we have added a optocoupler IC for each limit switch. This allows higher voltage inductive sensors to be used, as well as micro switches.

Full information can be found on our website.

As well as connecting stepper motor driver control lines directly to the breakout board, you can also connect it to an existing CNC Machine Controller board that uses a DB25 port and hence you then have USB control !

Here is a video showing it in action.