Summer 2022 update

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Summer 2022 update

Sorry for lack of news posts over the last year, we have been very busy but gradually catching up!

We have now been trading for over 10 Years and have sold well over 1000 Coil Winding Machines !!!!!


At the moment for Custom Machine builds we still have a waiting list of well over 12 months and have stopped adding people to the list.

Sorry about this, but it has again been a very busy year.

For the 600mm Custom Coil Winders, we are still taking orders if the design fits within the scope of the standard features shown on the product page. Lead time is 12-14 weeks at the moment.

The main reason for this is because a lot of the design work is already done and hence we do not have to spend weeks designing from scratch, like we do with a new Custom Machine build.

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Summer 2022 update

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