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CNC ARM Controller MKII Software Version 3.4 released

We have updated the CNC ARM Controller MKII Software to version 3.4 and it can be downloaded from the link below:

Changes made are:

Fixed Wire Guide position within scripting engine.

Fixed Analyse button as it was not adding correct speed when converting to Absolute Script.

Added BETA Orthocyclic Script Creator for small coils.

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Christmas and New Year Opening times 2020

Well it has been a manic year and we have not had a day off since Christmas 2019.

So we will be closing down for a couple of weeks over the festive season from the 18th December 2020 to the 4th January 2021

Have a great break that end and thanks you for your on going support!

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New Guitar Pickup Quad Winder now in stock.

We now have our new Guitar Pickup Quad Coil Winder in stock.
Feel free to check out the product page for more information 


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New 200mm CNC Coil Winder MK5 now in stock

We now have the new MK5 model of the popular 200mm Coil Winder in stock!

Please feel free to checkout the product page

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New Quad Guitar Pickup Coil Winder for 2020

We have been asked a lot over the years if we could make a Guitar Pickup Winding machine that will wind more than one pickup.

The Quad Guitar Pickup Winder is what we have came up with that will allow four pickups to be wound together at the same time.

You can see the CAD rendered design in the animation below.

If you are interested in one of these new machines then please feel free to email us

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Test software released for running more than one Coil Winding Machine on the same computer.

For Customers that have purchased more than one of our Coil Winding Machines, they have always had to have a dedicated computer for each machine.

On 1st July 2020 we have released a test version of the software that will now allow multiple machines to run from a single computer and more information can be found on the page link below.

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New FAQ for the CNC Guitar Pickup Mini Coil Winding Machine

We have now updated the website with a FAQ for the CNC Guitar Pickup Mini Coil Winding Machine.

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Update on the Automated BVM

We have now setup a dedicated domain for the Automated BVM at

There are few more details on the machine and the CAD renders of what the actual prototype will look like.

Not as pretty as the original concept, but workable.

Also the inside of the machine is shown with working mechanics and minimal components as planned.

We had the Acetal arrive today, so will be milling the plates out tomorrow 🙂

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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update.

We are still open and up and running this end dispatching orders.
Being a small family run business and because our workshop is not open to the public, we are more than happy to keep the business running for the moment.
Also at the beginning of last week, we released a concept idea of automating a Bag Valve Mask (BVM) that can been seen in the animation below.
Automating a readily available Bag Valve Mask (BVM), also known as a hand operated manual resuscitator.
This would free up the personal that would normally be need to operate a BVM.

The device could act as a stop gap in hospitals or at home where a ventilator is needed, but not currently available.
This is not a design to replace a ventilator that has a lot more features, but maybe a low-cost solution to help out.

At the moment we are looking to rapid prototype this machine in house at CNC Design and looking to work with medical professionals first to make sure that the design and use is a viable solution.

This week we have finished the CAD design of version1.1 and have ordered all the parts to create the working prototype.

We will be releasing this Automated BVM device open source, so anyone can build it or manufacture it.