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UWP Beta Coil Winding Software now available for Desktop and Raspberry pi

20th September 2018

Today we have released the Beta of UWP Coil Winding Software which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store FREE of charge or for the PC/Laptop or a Application Package for the Raspberry pi via our site.

Please Click on image below to be taken to the UWP information page.

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New Software Version 1.6 and Firmware 1.7 released today for ARM Controller MKII

6th August 2018

New Software Version 1.6 and Firmware 1.7 released today for the 200mm Coil Winders and Mini Coil Winders that have the new ARM Controller MKII fitted..

As usual it can be downloaded from our site:



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New Firmware version 5.3 released for the Pulse Train Hat.

New Firmware version 5.3 released for the Pulse Train Hat.

Full details at

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Pulse Train Hat gets shortlisted for the South West Digital Awards

CNC Design Ltd gets shortlisted for the South West Digital Awards.
Our Pulse Train Hat Controller has made it through to the Hardware of the Year category 🙂

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Coil Winder Tensioners back in stock May 2018.

21st May 2018

We now have all 4 sizes of the Coil Winder Magnetic Tensioners back in stock.

MTCS covering wire sizes 0.04mm—0.14mm 10g—120g
MTCM covering wire sizes 0.08mm—0.25mm 50g—400g
MTCL covering wire sizes 0.12mm—0.35mm 80g—600g
MTCLL covering wire sizes 0.14mm-0.40mm 100g-800g


These can be found on the online shop and also selected as a extra on the 200mm Coil Winder page.




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New Facebook Support Group

We have created a new Facebook Support Group for the Guitar Pickup Mini Coil Winder.

So if you have any pictures, videos of your pickups you have made then please feel free to post them up into the group.

Also any support questions are welcome.

Also do not forget to check out our Facebook page

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Spool Cone Kits now in stock

We now have Spool Cone Kits available on our shop.

If you are mounting spools on the top bar of the 200mm Coil Winder, then a Spool Cone Kit is available to stop back run once the winding has completed.

These neat cones have needle bearings press fitted into them and fit perfectly on the 10mm top bar.

You get in the kit:

2 x Cones with fitted bearings

2 x Washers

2 x springs

2 x collars. 

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Harvesting Robots Project

CNC Design is pleased to be involved with the University of Plymouth and the Fieldwork Robotics Harvesting Robot.

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200mm Coil Winding Machines back in stock April 2018.

We now have the next batch of 200mm Coil Winders finished and back in stock !

Please check out the product page for more information: