Below you will find downloads for all of our products.

Please note that the software will run on Windows XP and up to Windows 10 Operating systems.
Minimum Screen Resolution for the software is 1024 x 768 or bigger.

Current Production Machine Models

Mini Coil Winder MK4 (With ARM Controller MKII Board)


From January 2018 the Mini Coil Winder MK4 has new software, which will not run with older machines, unless they have been upgraded with the ARM Controller MKII board..

Software downloads

Documentation downloads


Mini Coil Winder MK2/MK3 and CNC 200mm Coil Winder MK2/MK3 (With ARM Controller Board)

From June 2015 all Coil Winding Machines were sent out with the new ARM controller Board.

Software downloads

Instructions on how to use extra features in the Beta version and also how to upgrade the
firmware can be found in the Customer Support Forums

Documentation downloads


CNC Mini Muscle Router Machine.

We recommend the use of Mach3 with our Desktop Mini Muscle Machine and it can be
downloaded/purchased direct from Newfangled Solutions We supply a configuration file
to set the machine up with all the settings you will need.

Full instructions can be found in the Customer Support Forums


Discontinued Machine Models

Mini Coil Winder MK1 and CNC 200mm Coil Winder MK1 (With Pic Controller Board)

Below are files for customers that have the old Pic Controller Board.
We still offer the new Arm Controller as an upgrade to replace the boards below,
please email us for more information.

Mini Coil Winder MK1 (With Pic Controller Board)



CNC 200mm Coil Winder MK1 (With Pic Controller Board)



CNC Coil Winder MK1/MK1.2