Machining Services

CNC Machining Services

Do you need Small, Large or One-off  parts machined?


You have probably found that when you want a small quantity of parts machined that it is either very expensive or very difficult to find machine shops that even want to do small quantity.

We know at CNC Design Limited because we use 3rd party workshops to produce our bulk parts after we have prototyped and have gone out for a lot of quotes in the past.

You do not always want 1000’s of parts and trying to get a product produced in small quantity when either trying the market or on a limited budget start-up can be a nightmare.

So we are now offering a service at CNC Design Limited, where we will take your part and whatever quantity you require and get a quote for you.

Or if it is only a one-off part we may be able to machine it at prototype level in our own workshop.

So please feel free to contact us at with machining work in the subject line.

Aluminium Tubes

A customer needed some aluminium tubes turned and created for a certain task.We took his rough design on paper, drew up the 3D and 2D cad drawings and sent them off to be made up.





Harley Pedals

We made some Custom foot pedals for a customers Harley Davidson as you can see in the pictures below.They were milled out of 20mm aluminium and bead blasted.
They were painted up and then the raised edge polished off by our customer before being fitted.


Parabolic plates

Our customer need some very accurate parabolic plates made for a custom project to re-direct light.

These were milled out of aluminium on a carving machine, ready for polishing.

8 9


Stainless Steel Slider

The example slider below was made for a customer that needed smooth movement on their audio deck sliders.These were milled out of Stainless Steel.


Some parts we have had made for our machines

Find below some pictures of plates, bearings and shafts that we have made up for us.As you can see the quality is really nice with the aluminium oxidisation treatment applied after a light bead blast.
The machining tolerances are also spot on and quality tapping where needed in certain parts.