200mm CNC Coil Winder MK6

200MM CNC Coil Winder MK6


We now have stock of the new MK6 model of the popular 200mm Coil Winder.

Just like previous models, the MK6 is ideal for anyone who needs to produce small quantity runs of coils or custom one-off coils.
A vast range of different coils can be wound for electronic projects.

Extra options are now included with the fully built machine that used to be offered as extras on the MK4, but most customers purchased these extra options anyway, so we thought that we may as well build them in now as standard items such as C5 precision ballscrew and ES/Limit kit.

A number of new features have been added to the MK6 , these include a new 3rd Axis that allows the wire guide on the feeder to be moved back and forth in software, safety cover hood, push buttons that interact with the software and upgraded onboard PSU.

Machine build features

*High grade C5 ballscrew is used along with precision C5 bearings combined with anti-backlash couplers on each axis.

*Low profile Hiwin style rails for smooth running with no unwanted side movement.

*All of the aluminium plates come with a really attractive finish, as well as bead blast and oxidisation treatment.
Using solid, thick 10mm plates creates a stable frame that increased accuracy, none of your cheap thing plates to make the machine look fancy used in this design!

*All machines are now fitted with Closed Loop motors on both feeder and bobbin assembly. This increases the torque, accuracy, speed and no loosing steps.  Speeds of above 2000 RPM are possible but as usual we always play safe and recommend 2000 RPM as the max speed !

*CE certified and RHOS compliant. Declaration included in setup manual.

*Built in safety features such as Emergency Stop, Limit switches and Safety hood.

*Precision ER25 chucks with low runout compared to drill chucks.

*Rotating Tailstock that can be locked on precision low profile sliding rail.

*Easy flow wire guide using ceramic pulleys, felt pad adjuster and nozzle holder.

*Low cost, accurate machine which allows full control of each Axis down to degree level, to suit your winding pattern using our Scripting Engine within the software.

*Free windows software to control the machine via USB. 
Automated options for traditional winding and also two different Scripting Engines that allow Incremental recipes to be created or Absolute recipes.

*Comes with the new ARM Controller MKII board and the latest firmware.
This is controller is a custom designed to work with our Coil Winding machines and is not available from any where else.


  • Dimensions of base plate 700mm width x 300mm depth  
  • Max Bobbin Diameter (Height) 110mm  
  • Max feeder travel approx 200mm  
  • Max speed with Closed Loop Stepper Motor 2000RPM
  • Feeder Max resolution 0.0003125 mm 
  • Wire range 0.01mm – 0.5mm (bigger wire sizes supported for single layer)
  • Closed Loop Stepper motor on Bobbin and Feeder Motor
  • Motorised 3rd Axis for moving Wire Guide
  • Manual Felt Wire Tensioner  
  • Low run out ER25 Collet Chucks  
  • USB controlled via Windows software (XP and Windows7 , Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 supported)  
  • Degree control on the motor with speeds as low as 1RPM  
  • Manual speed controller that allows variable speed via a external dial on both bobbin and feeder arms, which allows for calibration and finding suitable winding speed.  
  • Free Firmware upgrades and Free Windows Software.   
  • 12 month return to base warranty.  

Basically it should cover most tasks for small business/hobby needs.

If you need a machine for larger wire sizes and more torque on the bobbin motor, then please feel free to contact us and we can quote on a custom made machine to suit your needs. http://www.ukcnc.net/index.php/custom-machine-building/


Dual Bobbin Motors.

With most bobbins, you simply mount one end of the bobbin in the chuck that is rotated by the main Bobbin Motor and the other end in the revolving tail stock.
But If you have a delicate core to wind that may twist when being wound then the Dual Bobbin Motor is an option that will stop that and make it a lot more easy to do.
Both motors are synchronized via the controller and we will wire it in on new orders, along with a drag chain to keep it all nice and tidy.

Below is a video showing the Dual Motor winding small wire on a 0.5mm mandrel. Wire being wound is 0.0762mm and 0.2286mm.

Also another video showing Stainless Steel Flat wire being wound.

There are more videos at the bottom of this page.


We supply ruby tipped nozzles in the following sizes. 0.3mm 0.6mm 0.8mm 1.2mm



Spool Cone Kit

The machine comes with a 10mm top bar that allows small spools to be mounted and also used as a guide for vertically mounted spools. With the Spool Cone Kit it allows bigger spools to be mounted. Inside the cones it has needle bearings for smoother running.


Wire tensioner

The machine comes with a very simple felt wire tension system to keep the price down. For smaller wires the spool of wire can be sat on it’s side and the wire will then be threaded over the top bar and into the back of the Feeder assembly. It will then go across a porcelain guide wheel, through a set of felt tensioners and through the ruby nozzle. In the picture the tensioner is mounted on it’s own stand and stands back from the machine. On both setups the wire comes off the spools that are mounted vertically and thread up through the wire tensioner. The wire then enters the back of the feeder assembly and out through the ruby nozzle. On the second picture the ruby nozzle has yet to be fitted. We are now stocking Magnetic Wire Tensioner Kits and they can be purchased on our Online Shop.

Spare Felt Pads and Support Arm

We are now offering a Spare Felt Pad kit that also includes a support arm for customers winding thin or flexible cores.

This includes

4 x 25mm pads with metal backing
4 x 20mm pads with metal backing
1 x Support Arm for the 200mm nozzle holder.



Set of Rubber Holding Cones

Set of Rubber cones for holding bobbin former cores or spools that need rewinding.
Cone diameter is 10mm at the tip and 25mm at widest point.
11mm-10mm Collets are needed for holding in the chucks.



Guitar Pickup Bobbin Plate


We now have a Guitar Pickup bobbin plate for people to use with the 200mm Coil Winding machine.

This bobbin plate is exactly the same as the one supplied with the CNC Guitar Pickup Mini Coil Winder and has the same multiple M4 tapped holes to mount various guitar pickup bobbins.

The main difference is that the middle hole is 8mm diameter and we can supply it with a 8mm shaft and collet.


The 200mm Coil Winding Machine is controlled via the USB port of a PC running Windows, along with our custom software that is supplied FREE.




As you can see it has a dedicated database and GUI for Normal Bobbins and Guitar Pickups .

The resolution pitch of the 200mm Coil Winder system is 0.0003125mm resolution steps with a recommended minimum pitch of 0.01mm

The software will calculate the nearest layer count based on the pitch you choose so you can see how close you are to the original.

Playing with the software will probably make more sense than me trying to explain!

Also the software comes with a populate button that will load the built in database with a default set of common guitar pickup bobbins.

You can also save and remove your own custom bobbins.


Also this machine is still in development, so please expect software, firmware and hardware upgrades as we strive to improve it. While the software and firmware upgrades will remain free, any hardware changes will be an additional charge if you choose to upgrade your machine.


Above screenshot is of the Manual mode.

Here you can use the dial on the controller box and manually control the speed of the bobbin motor while guiding the wire by hand. This allows the machine to be used as a traditional winding machine.

But also you can now manually control the speed of both the bobbin motor and the feeder motor by using the Automated Coil Winding tab controls.

If using the Manual Controller from the Automated Coil Winding Tab then it is not recommended to run the machine full time with the manual speed controller. This is just to be used as a calibration tool, which will let you determine the best speed for winding the particular bobbin with wire you are using. Once you have found a speed that suits the bobbin and wire combination then you should switch to automatic mode for full winding.

With the new software you can use features now that were only available on the 200mm Coil Winder.

This includes the Incremental Script Engine and the Absolute Scripting Engine that will allow you to build up a list of commands to do a combination of fancy windings.




With the new Coil Winder ARM Controller MKII, we have now on-board Flash memory that can be used for buffering loads of small commands. This removes any small delays that can be caused by the USB communications latency.

Unlike the Standard Scripting Engine which is Incremental positioning for each command, this is absolute positioning on each command.

It can be used for doing variable pitches not only down to turn level but down to degree level.


Below is a video showing lots of small movements building up a sensor coil with variable pitch be executed at per wind and degree level.


We have also added a 3D Coil Winding Simulator to the software.
Sorry to say this simulator will only run on Windows 10 but the rest of the software will work fine on Windows XP and upwards.
The simulator allows you to check your coil shape before winding.



Please feel free to download and take a look at the latest software from the Downloads page

Windows 10/IoT UWP Application

Also the Windows 10/IoT UWP Application

This UWP application is currently in BETA and as so is limited to only the automated winding for the time being.

But the beauty of this software is it can be deployed to a SBC Board running windows 10 Core such as the Raspberry pi, this completely removes the necessity of having a full computer rig to communicate with your coil winder.

All information regarding the UWP Application can be found here – http://www.ukcnc.net/index.php/uwp-software/


ARM Controller MKIII



We have developed a new controller board that uses a fast Arm Cortex M4 processor and brings many enhanced features to the machine.

All machines despatched from January 2023 onwards will be supplied with the new Arm Controller MKIII.


The new ARM Controller MKIII still has all the features of the original controller but with the following enhancement’s:

  • Manual controller dial now built in on PCB.
  • Outputs that can be switch 5 volts to control different peripherals.
  • 8 Inputs with 3 of them dedicated for Limit/Homing and Emergency Stop.
  • Higher speed pulse trains.
  • Opto Isolated inputs can be switched to use 5/12 Volts.
  • On board Flash memory that can be used to buffer upto 130000 commands. This allows for very small movements to be sent to the controller with no delay between them from the software’s new Absolute Scripting Engine and build up some fancy windings.
  • Fram memory also on board for Flash memory optimization algorithm.
  • Firmware upgrade now easier with a flick of a switch instead of separate JTAG programmer.


Wave winding a couple of coils from Jerry.

He made up a special attachment that went in place of the nozzle. The attachment fed the wire in nice and close to the bobbin and applied a slight pressure down on the bobbin as it was wound. No bonding wire or glue was used and it self supported as it was wound.




Jerry also did a couple of great videos explaining the machine and showing how to do the wave winding using the script engine.

Because the new machine uses dual motors and a combination of our custom software/firmware, we can do perfect interpolation between each axis, which lays down the wire very precisely.

As you have full control of the Bobbin motor and Feeder motor down to degree level, you can perform some fancy winding’s and also do variable pitch as shown in the video below.





Some of the videos are a few years old now and showing the older machine model. But the speed and accuracy remains the same and if anything the newer models have increased accuracy.
Also the older machine had open loop motors, but the new models for the last couple of years now have the quieter closed loop motor.

One of customers sent us a video of the 200mm CNC Coil Winding Machine at work with speeds of 2500 RPM

In the video below you can see the machine winding a Guitar Pickup Bobbin.

Here is a couple of videos again Jerry showing modifications he has made for Bifilar winding using a custom nozzle holder.