200mm coil winder

200mm Coil Winder

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All machines from August 2017 are now fitted with Closed Loop motors on both feeder and bobbin.

This increases the torque, accuracy, speed and no loosing steps.

Machines are supplied with either a closed loop stepper motor to drive the bobbin or a combination of servo motor for the bobbin and closed loop stepper for the feeder.

Both the closed loop stepper motor and the servo motor are also being offered to existing customers that want to upgrade and more information can be found in the Extras tab.


In the picture above you can see what you get when unpacked. Just bolt the bobbin motor onto the frame and plug in. Then attach uprights and bar to the back of the machine. You are now ready to wind !

From September 2015 all new 200mm Coil Winders will be supplied with ER25 Collet Chucks rather than drill chucks.

The main reason is to reduce run out and also you can use ER25 collets will allow a larger clamping diameter from 1mm – 16mm We will be supplying the machine with two 6mm collets as standard and hope to offer other sizes in the future. But the ER25 collets are readily available from multiple suppliers out on the internet and you can also purchase imperial collets.


Our latest Desktop CNC 200MM Coil Winder is ideal for anyone who needs to produce small quantity runs of coils or custom one-off coils.

A vast range of different coils can be wound for electronic projects.

All of the parts of the machine are now milled by a 3rd party company and these parts come with a really attractive finish, as well as oxidisation treatment.

High grade C7 ballscrews are used along with precision bearings combined with anti-backlash couplers on each axis.

The wire feeder arm is now all aluminium along with triple ceramic eyelets and porcelain guide wheel. The nozzle holder now accommodates the stainless steel ruby nozzles as used on commercial machines.

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Firmware can be upgraded over the USB port, and all Software/Firmware is free.

Supplied with choice of Ruby Nozzle with other sizes available  

  • Dimensions of base plate 525mm width x 300mm depth  
  • Max Bobbin Diameter 150mm  
  • Max feeder travel approx 200mm  
  • Max speed with Closed Loop Stepper Motor 1500RPM, with Servo 2200RPM  
  • Feeder Max resolution 0.0025 mm  
  • Wire range 0.02mm – 0.8mm (1mm single layer)  
  • Closed Loop Stepper motor or Closed Loop Servo options available  
  • Closed Loop Stepper motor on Feeder 
  • Manual Felt Wire Tensioner  
  • Low run out ER25 Collet Chucks  
  • Bobbin frame and feeder frame are both on sliding grooves of the base plate and can be adjusted.  
  • USB controlled via Windows software (XP and Windows7 , Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 supported)  
  • Degree control on the motor with speeds as low as 2RPM  
  • Manual speed controller that allows variable speed via a external dial on both bobbin and feeder arms, which allows for calibration and finding suitable winding speed.  
  • Free Firmware upgrades and Free Windows Software.  
  • Access to a VIP support area, where we can tweak the software to suit your needs and help you setup your machine.  
  • 12 month return to base warranty.  

Basically it should cover most tasks for small business/hobby needs.


Please note that this machine is not designed to be a commercial machine that can be ran in a production environment 24/7.  

This is designed for prototyping and small batch runs and hence the low price.

Also this machine is still in development, so please expect software, firmware and hardware upgrades as we strive to improve it. While the software and firmware upgrades will remain free, any hardware changes will be an additional charge if you choose to upgrade your machine.

If you need a machine for larger wire sizes and more torque on the bobbin motor, then please feel free to contact us and we can quote on a custom made machine to suit your needs. http://www.ukcnc.info/forums/cnc_customwork.php

All machines from August 2017 are now fitted with a DC Power Box.

This change prevents any damage to the Controller board by isolating the 24v line.



The Machine runs on DC power of 24 volts volts and is supplied with a 24V 6amp power supply, as well as a UK mains lead and USB cable.

This machine is sturdy with no flex or wobble even at high speeds. It is constructed from aluminium 10mm thick plates all around. It is topped with high quality linear bearings and solid rails. This machine is designed to get the job done. We could have chosen a cheaper construction method such as rigid plastic and low cost bars, but what’s the point!


We supply ruby tipped nozzles in the following sizes.







Limit Switch

The software and electronics have already been designed to allow inductive limit switches and a emergency stop button via the AUX1 socket that is already on the controller. This will allow the limit switches to be used for homing offset and also give a nice big stop button to press, rather than using the software if something looks like it is going wrong!


Please find a video below showing the Limit Switches in action.

Servo Motor

The machine comes as standard with a closed loop stepper motor, which is high torque and great for small to big wires. But for people that want even higher speeds of up to 2200RPM as doing loads of windings with very small wires then we are going to offer a servo option.

The electronics and software have already been designed to accommodate the servo motor and it should be a simple case of swapping the bobbin stepper motor out for the new servo motor and doing a bit of simple re-wiring.

The nice thing about having both motors is that you can swap back and forth whenever you like and simply click a button in software to re-configure the machine to suit the bobbin motor you have mounted.

Well after testing a range of different motors over the months, I have at last found one that works really well and have been testing it for the last few weeks with great success.

The main issue choosing a motor, was to find one small enough to fit the existing frame but also one that would give the resolution we require and low power enough to work with the existing power supply that is supplied with the machine.

On top of this we still need the torque and accuracy within the low to high range of speeds and also wanted one with a integrated driver, even though we did design the base plate to accommodate a extra driver that would of sat below the controller box.

The new servo motor fits all of the criteria above and is a great little add-on for anyone wanting to upgrade their existing stepper motor.


Please find video below:

Wire tensioner

The machine comes with a very simple felt wire tension system to keep the price down. For smaller wires the spool of wire can be sat on it’s side and the wire will then be threaded over the top bar and into the back of the Feeder assembly. It will then go across a porcelain guide wheel, through a set of felt tensioners and through the ruby nozzle.

In the picture the tensioner is mounted on it’s own stand and stands back from the machine.

On both setups the wire comes off the spools that are mounted verticaly and thread up through the wire tensioner. The wire then enters the back of the feeder assembly and out through the ruby nozzle. On the second picture the ruby nozzle has yet to be fitted.

We are now stocking Magnetic Wire Tensioner Kits and they can be purchased on our Online Shop.







Here is a test video

Please find screenshots of the new software for the CNC 200mm Coil Winder.

The Automated Coil Winding Tab is the simplest interface to use. You enter width of bobbin, total windings and wire size. Set a speed and hit Start.  

It has a number of features as you can see in the screen shot.


Also within the Automated Coil Winding Tab you can switch it to Guitar Pickup mode and load up a default set of popular pickups into the database.


The Standard Script Engine Tab lets you take complete control of the machines bobbin motor and feeder arm. It allows you to build up a script of commands that can be executed one after the other. It also has advanced commands that let you control the bobbin motor down to degree level. As you can imagine you can build up some very complicated winding routines, very simply using the intuitive GUI.


In the Examples tab you can view what the scripting engine can do.

Please feel free to download and take a look at the latest software from the Downloads page




We have developed a new controller board that uses a fast Arm Cortex M4 processor and brings many enhanced features to the machine.

All machines despatched from June 2015 onwards will be supplied with the new Arm Controller.

Upgrade options are available for older machines.




Wave winding a couple of coils from Jerry.He made up a special attachment that went in place of the nozzle. The attachment fed the wire in nice and close to the bobbin and applied a slight pressure down on the bobbin as it was wound. No bonding wire or glue was used and it self supported as it was wound.



Because the new machine uses dual motors and a combination of our custom software/firmware, we can do perfect interpolation between each axis, which lays down the wire very precisely.

As you have full control of the Bobbin motor and Feeder motor down to degree level, you can perform some fancy windings and also do variable pitch as shown in the video below.

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