CNC 800mm × 800mm Routing Machine

CNC 800 x 800 Routing Machine

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We were hoping that in 2018 we would be able to launch this machine, but we ended up so busy that all our time was spent on existing machines that we build and also a lot of Custom Machine Orders came in.

Being a small company, we have to juggle different batch builds of our current production machines, along with custom machine builds. So launching new products such as the 800mmx800mm machine can be a struggle. Not only down to resource but also down to budget.
But we still do have plans to launch this frame kit as soon as we get free time.

New MID sized CNC routing machine with 800mm x 800mm x 175mm travel area.

The machine frame will be offered as a self assembly kit, complete with closed loop motors and all electronics needed.

It has taken us a little bit longer than we planned to get the machine documented and ready for sale, due to the workload we have had on this year.
But now we have finished all the documentation for the build and wiring instructions and the next step is we want to do some demonstration videos. We know this will drag out the release date a little bit longer, but we want to fully test the machine and show what it can do before placing them up for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the first batch then please feel free to email us at where we can add you to a email list.

The launch price for the self assembly kit will be £4800 + Shipping + VAT which will include everthing you need to build the machine and from the high quality linear components right down to small parts like washers and clips.



As you can see by the pictures, the machine is rock solid and over engineered in design so it can handle cutting all kinds of material, including aluminium.

We have used quality commercial linear components all around and opted to go for rotating ballnuts like the commercial machines use.
Even though this adds to the cost, it helps performance by reducing the ballscrew whip down to a minimum and also allows the motors to be kept within the frame which reduces the footprint of the frame.

The electronics have been designed again to fit within the footprint of the machine and saves having a big external controller box with loads of cables running back to the machine. The only cables that you will have running out of the machine is two power leads and the parallel lead for control.

The motors are closed loop with built in encoders that send feedback to the Stepper Drivers. This means no more missed steps and increased accuracy.

Here is a quick run down of the specs.

  • Dual 16mm Ball Screws on Y-Axis (Not cheap trapezoidal threads)
  • Single Ball Screws on X and Z-Axis (Not cheap trapezoidal threads)
  • 20mm Low Profile Dual Rails with Dual Carriages on Z-Axis
  • 20mm Low Profile Dual Rails with Dual Carriages on X-Axis
  • 20mm Low Profile Triple Rails on Y-Axis with a combination of dual and single carriages.
  • Frame built of 80×40 anodized aluminium profile.
  • Mixture of tough 6mm-20mm aluminium plates, custom made with bead blast finish and oxidization treatment.
  • Total dimension of the aluminium frame(approx):
    width: 1040mm x depth: 1170mm x height: 940mm (Z-Axis fully extended)
  • Cutting area (Approx)
    X-Axis 810mm
    Y-Axis 820mm
    Z-Axis 175mm
  • Supplied with the new model Kress 1051-FME-1 spindle and collets to get you going..
  • Kress Spindle holder and Vac Brush Add-on.
  • Closed loop Stepper Motors on X and Z-Axis (Dual on Y-Axis)
  • High Current motor drivers with encoder control.
  • Rotating ballscrew design to keep footprint smaller by having the motors within the frame. Also less whip on the ballscrews and higher speeds.
  • HDT pulleys and belts to reduce backlash and increase torque.
  • Cable drag chains used to keep wiring neat and away from moving parts
  • Inductive Sensor Limit/Home Switch on each Axis with custom mount brackets.
  • Custom Jog Controller Board mounted to the front of the machine.
  • 48V power supplies to run each motor and 12v/5V dual power supply for logic control.
  • Gantry design.


spec 7      

Solid Gantry design with a combination of profile and custom designed plates.


spec 6

Rotating ballnut setup with closed loop stepper motors.



Electronics neatly contained within the frame.



The Kit contains everything you need to build and fully wire your CNC 800mm x800mm Routing Machine.

Please find thumnail preview pictures below and the full PDF can be found in the customer support area of out Forums.




Our machine will work with the popular software already out there on the market such as Mach3 and Kcam. In fact any Gcode interpreter will work if it supports I/O via the printer port.

Simply plug in the controller box to your computer’s printer port and configure the software with the settings we will supply.

We recommend the use of Mach3 with our CNC 800 x 800 Routing Machine and it can be
downloaded/purchased direct from Newfangled Solutions

We supply a configuration file to set the machine up with all the settings you will need which can be downloaded from the Downloads page

You can use any Cad/Cam software to produce your artwork and then produce Gcode to load into Mach3 or Kcam etc, to create your parts.


Please do not hesitate to email  back with any questions.

We have developed a jog controller panel that allows the user to override Mach3 when wanting to Jog the machine around, also it has status lights for the motor alarms and limit switches.
The machine and spindle can also be powered up from the controller and a emergency stop button is  in place if any issues arise.




The Control Panel is wired back to a custom circuit we have also designed that interrupts the control from the PC to Breakout board and allows full control as well as monitoring.

firmware 1

To control the jogging of the machine and monitoring of the machine, We have chose to use the STM Nucleo board that uses a fast Arm Cortex M4 processor.

Firmware updates are easy due to the micro usb on board and also allows for future development.



The picture below shows it all put together with the Stepper Driver Breakout board attached and wired in.



Below you can see the jog controller in action on one of our earlier update videos.


Videos will be coming soon!