Guitar Pickup Manual Coil Winder

Manual Coil Winder
**Product Discontinued** Please use the Tabs above to navigate to the information you require. We already supply a fully automated CNC Guitar Pickup Mini Coil Winder, but realize there are still a lot of people that want to wind with a traditional Manual Coil Winder. So we decided to make one, but with a few modern twists!. First here is  a video showing prototype Manual Guitar Pickup Coil Winder in Stand Alone mode and Remote Console mode. This was the prototype machine filmed, but much more has been added to the since and new TFT screens can be seen under the User Interface tab above . The machine can be controlled via the built in TFT in stand alone mode or via a PC using USB lead, or even both at the same time !
We have added expansion ports on the back for future add-on's such as Gauss/Resistance meter and Auto Traverse. At the moment we are not supplying these add-on's, as we are waiting to see what the demand is, but if anyone who has purchased the machine and wishes to make their own auto traverse, then please give us a shout and we will supply the details to help you build one. So these are extra features of the machine really and not the main selling point as it is sold as Manual Coil Winder. BackPanel The machine can be configured for left hand people or right hand people but simply moving the bobbin plate and feeder guide arm to either side of the machine. We have gone to town making the frame and components of this machine as sturdy as we can get it, while keeping the cost as low as we can. Unlike other companies out there, we are not ashamed to show you the inside of our machines! ReChassis On the outside, we decided to go for a Retro look. frontview The Manual Coil Winder allows you to create your own custom guitar pickups doing it the traditional way of guiding the wire by hand and creating a scatter wind. With the machine, you will receive a USB Drive containing the Windows Software to control the coil winder over USB Communications. Because we over engineered this machine, you have the luxury of being able to wind with speeds of up to 5000 RPM, and if you do, then good luck you mad winder. You will probably never wind a pickup that fast, but at least you can say your machine can do those speeds!


  • Dimensions of base plate 200mm width x 200mm depth  
  • Max Pickup Height, 100mm from centre of bobbin plate to base. 
  • Max speed with DC Motor 5000RPM
  • 6 pin Traverse add on Port 
  • 5 pin Gauss Meter add on Port
  • USB remote controlled via Windows software (XP and Windows7 , Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 supported)  
  • Free Firmware upgrades and Free Windows Software.  
  • Access to a VIP support area, where we can tweak the software to suit your needs and help you setup your machine.  

Basically it should cover most tasks for small business/hobby needs.


Please note that this machine is not designed to be a commercial machine that can be ran in a production environment 24/7.  

This is designed for prototyping and small batch runs and hence the low price.

Also this machine is still in development, so please expect software, firmware and hardware upgrades as we strive to improve it. While the software and firmware upgrades will remain free, any hardware changes will be an additional charge if you choose to upgrade your machine.

If you need a machine for larger wire sizes and more torque on the bobbin motor, then please feel free to contact us and we can quote on a custom made machine to suit your needs.

The Machine runs on DC power of 24 volts volts and is supplied with a 24V 3amp power supply, as well as a UK mains lead and USB cable.

This machine is sturdy with no flex or wobble even at high speeds. It is constructed from aluminium 6mm & 10mm plates all around. It is topped with high quality bearings. This machine is designed to get the job done. We could have chosen a cheaper construction method such as rigid plastic and low cost bars, but what’s the point!

Please find screenshots of the user interface for the Manual coil winder.

The Manual coil winder features a built in TFT touch screen for controlling the machine. We also provide software that can run the machine if you prefer to use a PC.


On start up the machine will load up with a progress bar.



The Main Menu has 3 options: Manual Winding, Traverse Winding and Tools.

  • Manual Winding is used for basic winding of coils up to 5,000 RPM.


  • Traverse Winding is intended to be used with a feeder to automatically wind your coils. Please Note: this feature is currently in development and will be a future add on.


  • Tools contains 2 measuring utilities: Gauss and Resistance these will be measured via the 5 pin port at the back of the machine. Please Note: this feature is currently in development and will be a future add on.


Manual Winding

The Manual Winding page consists of a target winding's box, completed winding's, RPM, direction, start and stop buttons.

Input your winding's by tapping on the numbers to increment the value.
To reset the value to 000000 tap the Reset Button [R] to the right of target winding's.
Set the direction by tapping on the direction box.


Once set tap the start button to commence coil winding.


You will get a warning sign displayed telling you to turn the dial fully to the left to enable winding, if the dial is not already there.



As you turn the dial to the right the bobbin motor will start turning and the screen will be updated with the completed winds and RPM.

Once the target winds have been reached the machine will automatically turn the motor off.

That covers the basic Manual Coil Winding of this machine and we will be adding screenshots and more information on the other options in the future.





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