Changes for CNC ARM Controller MKII Software

Software Version 5.0 changes

Keyboard Mappings updated for Custom Machines.
Analyze Script fixes for comments being inserted on Absolute Scripting.
New Software Manual Version 1.3

Download V5.0


Software Version 4.9 changes

Small changes to fix Limit Homing on Custom Machine.
Homing Speed fix on Frequency Calculation

Download V4.9

Software Version 4.8 changes

Main changes are for custom machines.
Added DFU files for firmware updates on machines using the ARM Controller MKIII

Download V4.8

Software Version 4.7 changes

Script Analyse absolute position not accurate when moving wire guide.
Ramping Config not reseting correctly if stop button used.
Scripting Homing fix.
Adding Feeder Homing speed box instead of using jog speed.
200mm MK6 selection added to start screen
Custom selection updated to allow all settings to be saved.

Download V4.7

Software Version 4.6 changes

Scripting error check after 255 lines.
Ramp configuration reset after hood/es trigger.
Jog Stop button issue after hitting limit switch.
When Homing Feeder can force Wire Guide to home also.
Forced font condition for customers running Chinese Locales.
If Homing Offset set to zero now works and just does seek offset.
Homing travel returns to correct value if stop clicked when homing.
After Manual de-activate homing still enable on hood alarm fixed.
Fixed readout when using return to zero.

Download V4.6

Software Version 4.5 changes

Standard Scripting Convert routine to Absolute Script now does Bobbin direction.
Multiple commands can now be sent to the Remote port.

Download V4.5

Software Version 4.3 changes

Homing and Limit switch routines re-written as some people were reporting random clashes.
New Firmware 2.2 or higher is needed for this software upgrade.

Download V4.3

Software Version 4.2 changes

Fixed issue with M7 Return to Zero command.
New Manual version 1.2 added.

Download V4.2

Software Version 4.1 changes

Changes in CNC ARM Controller MKII Software Version 4.1

LVDT Calculator routines re-written and improved.

Beta Add Ramping has routines re-written for Absolute Scripting.

Added Inch > mm and mm < Inch conversions in Standard Scripting.

Download V4.1

Software Version 4.0 changes

Changes in CNC ARM Controller MKII Software Version 4.0

New version of 3D Coil Winding Simulator V1.3 fixes a small issue that coils were not being created with small degree of turn.

Added Export pickup button for MixedTPL section.

Download V4.0

Software Version 3.9 changes

Changes in CNC ARM Controller MKII Software Version 3.9

New version of 3D Coil Winding Simulator that has Flat Wire added.

Fixed wire resolution routine for wire size in Standard Scripting as it was rounding down for some wire sizes.

Added distance input box for 3rd Axis movement each layer.

Fixed dispay counters in Absolute Scripting when using Jog Buttons.

Added button to change input box positions on Automated Tab.

Download V3.9

Software Version 3.8 changes

Fixed Mixed TPL change of direction issue if Return To Zero was checked.
GUI image changes

3D Coil Simulator updated to V1.1

Download V3.8

Software Version 3.7 changes

New 3D Coil Simulator added to the Scripting Engine.
This allows you to check your coil shape before winding.

Remote control tab added.
This allows people using their own application to send commands and execute them.

Also fixes to the Orthocyclic Script Creator.

Download V3.7

Software Version 3.5 changes

Fixed Pause issue where sometimes after clicking the Pause button the machine would pause but GUI interface went disabled.

Download V3.5

Software Version 3.4 changes

Fixed Wire Guide position within scripting engine.

Added BETA Orthocyclic Script Creator

Fixed Analyse button as it was not adding correct speed when converting to Absolute Script.

Download V3.4

Software Version 3.3 changes

Changes mainly to support new resolution of the new Quad Winder and 200mm Coil Winder MK5

Increased resolution of Feeder to 000.0000000mm on Automated Tab

Increased resolution of Feeder to 000.0000000mm and Windings to 000100.000 on Scripting Tab.

When adding a command, checking is now done to make sure wire size/pitch and turns matches the resolution of the machine and corrects if not.

Increased resolution of Degree command to suit machine.

There is now command format testing built in when Start or Analyse is clicked in the Scripting Engine. This will test the length of the command and show what art of the script that the error is in.
Also it will check the bobbin and feeder resolution just in case the script has been changed manually.

Homing of Feeder and Wire Guide commands added to the Scripting Engine.

Updated Analyse routine to include Wire Guide movements and other commands.

Scripting Engine save profile now saves new 3-Axis settings.

Download Version3.3

Software Version 3.2 changes

This version has important fixes for the 3rd Axis on the 200mm Coil Winder MK5 and a recommended update.
Download version 3.2

Software Version 3.1 changes
This version has lots of new features for the new 200mm Coil Winder MK5 and Quad Winder.

Gone has the auto detect of machine when it is plugged in and now replaced with a menu to choose your machine.

You must use firmware V2.1 that has the new routines updated for the safety hood, push buttons and 3rd Axis support.

Standard Scripting Engine GUI has changed now to support new options and also you can now insert commands in between existing commands.
Fixed also for the Scripting commands was the pause delay.

Limit switches now move away automatically when triggered where as before you had to manually turn the axis.

Lots of small GUI changes and software manual updated to version 1.1

Download version 3.1

Running more than one machine

Implemented in CNC ARM Controller MKII Software Version 2.4
Over the years we have been asked if it is possible to run more than one Coil Winding Machine on a single computer.

The answer has always been NO, but after a bit of playing around we have released a new Test version for anyone that has more than one machine and would like to try.
As stated this is a TEST and we do not guarantee performance like you would get with a dedicated computer for each machine.

This will only work with machines fitted with the latest ARM Controller Board MKII.

The Coil Winding Machines we supply all have the same USB VID/PID identification and this will need to be changed on the extra machines that you want to run. This can be done by programming up a different version of the firmware for each machine and also installing a version of the software that will launch multiple sessions.

Here is a list showing which machine should have which firmware programmed into it.

Machine 1

Machine 2

Machine 3

You will need to use the JTAG programmer that was supplied with the machine to update your Coil Winding machines and the instructions can be download below

Mini Coil Winder instructions:

200mm Coil Winder instructions:

When the test software is launched it will now come up with a Launcher menu as shown below:

So if we chose to launch three machines then it would launch 3 instances of the software and show on each screen which machine it is connected to.

You can download the software Coil Winder ARM Controller MKII Software V2.6 on the link below. This has all three of the firmware versions included in the Zip file. Released 6th June 2020


Previous changes

Software Version 2.3 changes
Main fixes are again for the Absolute Scripting page, to make the commands much smoother on the smaller Mini Coil Winder and also a BETA add ramping routine has been added.

Download version 2.3

Software Version 2.1 changes
It seems that Microsoft changed it’s USB routines/drivers since releasing Windows 10 build 1803 and this has caused some issues with Absolute Scripting and the buffering routine.

If you are running Windows 10 1803 or below such as Windows 7 or XP then you do not need to upgrade to version 2.1 if you do not wish to for now.
Fixes are mainly erase delays for the on board Flash memory and also added a buffer delay if you find the erase delays are not enough.
Other fixes are cosmetic ones reported by customers.

Download version 2.1

Software Version1.9 and firmware V1.8 changes
Absolute Scripting fix where some commands were not stored correctly at beginning of Sectors in Flash Memory.

Option to not add comments when converting Standard Script to Absolute Script.
Updated Flash Memory Erase routines in Firmware.

Download version 1.9

Software Version1.8 changes
Lots of changes to the LVDT Calculator

Fixed some button enables when jogging in pause mode

Download version 1.8

Software Version1.7 changes
Error fixed on position when winding completed.

Download version 1.7

Software Version1.6 and firmware V1.7 changes
Beta LVDT Calculator added to Absolute Scripting Tab.

I/O input fixes for people adding external buttons to controller.
Layer Ramping under Automated Tab tweaked.
Other small bug fixes that have been reported.

Download version 1.6

Version1.4 firmware changes
Absolute Scripting was timing out on last command for certain movements, this is now fixed.

Version1.3 firmware changes
Updated the scripting engine routines.
Added Convert routines for converting Standard Scripts to Absolute Scripts.
Increased USB TTL for improved communications and activated watchdog timer in firmware.
Seek routines added for the Homing switches.