Changes for CNC ARM Controller MKII Software

On this page we will list the changes when new software is released.

Standard Scripting Tab changes.

Implemented in CNC ARM Controller MKII Software Version 2.6

The Standard Scripting engine now allows saved bobbins to be added as a Scripting command.

This is mainly for customers using the Scripting engine of the 200mm coil winder that need to place movement command when winding sections over the length of the coil.

They could have done this before, but using the Scripting Winding commands meant that they had to ramp up and ramp down for each layer.

So now they can wind a section of their coil with a saved bobbin and then move to the next section and wind that area with the same bobbin or a different one and no ramping between layers.

I think this also may be useful for people with the Mini Coil Winder that are using the Mixed TPL mode.

Instead of using Mixed TPL mode they could use the Scripting Engine and not have to worry about their layers being an integer as it has a Move Feeder to Zero option or if you know your finish position then you could enter a movement command to move the feeder to the next start position.

You will need the Firmware V1.9 installed on your controller.

Running more than one machine

Implemented in CNC ARM Controller MKII Software Version 2.4
Over the years we have been asked if it is possible to run more than one Coil Winding Machine on a single computer.

The answer has always been NO, but after a bit of playing around we have released a new Test version for anyone that has more than one machine and would like to try.
As stated this is a TEST and we do not guarantee performance like you would get with a dedicated computer for each machine.

This will only work with machines fitted with the latest ARM Controller Board MKII.

The Coil Winding Machines we supply all have the same USB VID/PID identification and this will need to be changed on the extra machines that you want to run. This can be done by programming up a different version of the firmware for each machine and also installing a version of the software that will launch multiple sessions.

Here is a list showing which machine should have which firmware programmed into it.

Machine 1

Machine 2

Machine 3

You will need to use the JTAG programmer that was supplied with the machine to update your Coil Winding machines and the instructions can be download below

Mini Coil Winder instructions:

200mm Coil Winder instructions:

When the test software is launched it will now come up with a Launcher menu as shown below:

So if we chose to launch three machines then it would launch 3 instances of the software and show on each screen which machine it is connected to.

You can download the software Coil Winder ARM Controller MKII Software V2.6 on the link below. This has all three of the firmware versions included in the Zip file. Released 6th June 2020


Previous changes

Software Version 2.3 changes
Main fixes are again for the Absolute Scripting page, to make the commands much smoother on the smaller Mini Coil Winder and also a BETA add ramping routine has been added.

Software Version 2.1 changes
It seems that Microsoft changed it’s USB routines/drivers since releasing Windows 10 build 1803 and this has caused some issues with Absolute Scripting and the buffering routine.

If you are running Windows 10 1803 or below such as Windows 7 or XP then you do not need to upgrade to version 2.1 if you do not wish to for now.
Fixes are mainly erase delays for the on board Flash memory and also added a buffer delay if you find the erase delays are not enough.
Other fixes are cosmetic ones reported by customers.

Software Version1.9 and firmware V1.8 changes
Absolute Scripting fix where some commands were not stored correctly at beginning of Sectors in Flash Memory.

Option to not add comments when converting Standard Script to Absolute Script.
Updated Flash Memory Erase routines in Firmware.

Software Version1.8 changes
Lots of changes to the LVDT Calculator

Fixed some button enables when jogging in pause mode

Software Version1.7 changes
Error fixed on position when winding completed.

Software Version1.6 and firmware V1.7 changes
Beta LVDT Calculator added to Absolute Scripting Tab.

I/O input fixes for people adding external buttons to controller.
Layer Ramping under Automated Tab tweaked.
Other small bug fixes that have been reported.

Version1.4 firmware changes
Absolute Scripting was timing out on last command for certain movements, this is now fixed.

Version1.3 firmware changes
Updated the scripting engine routines.
Added Convert routines for converting Standard Scripts to Absolute Scripts.
Increased USB TTL for improved communications and activated watchdog timer in firmware.
Seek routines added for the Homing switches.