How Do I set the Tensioner?

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How Do I set the Tensioner?

With the tensioners you have the main dial that sets the desired tension, then you have the back tension which is controlled by the front dial.

Once the main tension is set, the back tension dial needs to be adjusted so the arm is always below the red line marking on the tensioner.

If you change speed and it moves above the red line then adjust again.

The tension is set in grams and depending on the model of tensioner you have the dial 0-10 is a division of the tension range.

For example the MTCS tensioner has a tension range of 10-120 grams.
So on the main dial if you wanted to set the tension to 120g you would set it to 10. To set it to 10g you would set the main dial to 0 and each increment on the dial would be a division of this range.

In the software we also have a tension calculator where you can enter the wire size you are using and it will calculate the tension for you.

Degaussing treatment

If you stop using for a long time or the damping wheel shakes or inconsistent tension, you must perform degaussing treatment before starting up: first adjust the tension clockwise to the maximum value, and then immediately adjust the tension to the minimum counter clockwise to complete it.