Why do you suddenly run out of stock?

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Why do you suddenly run out of stock?

Answer: The coil winding market is a very small niche market and we build our different machines in small batches of usually 25 machines at a time. Because of the small quantities of custom plates and components that we get made, we struggle to get the price lower and our machines are very low cost compared to commercial machines out there that do not give the control options we offer with the free software we supply.

Also it is a bit of a strange market, some times we make a batch of 25 machines and they will sit on the shelf and slowly go out over 6-8 months and another time the batch can sell within 1-2 months.

So it is very difficult to predict how many machines we should build and stock and only being a small company we have other products that can sell a lot faster and we sometimes need to tie our money up in stock for those instead.