If you need a custom CNC machine built then please feel free to contact us.

Please note that at the moment we have a 12 month waiting list for any new Custom Machine designs.
We can still offer Custom Builds of our 600mm-2000mm machines due to most of the design work already already being completed and we can squeeze these builds in-between other builds we have going on.
Please check out the 600mm Coil Winder page for more details

When we say CNC machine we mean any machine that needs to be controlled by a computer and not just CNC Router machines used for cutting and engraving!

All machine designs are first drawn up in CAD and rendered pictures are sent to the customer for final sign off before any parts are ordered.

Here are few of the renders pictures as an example from previous machine builds.

Please feel free to contact us on info@ukcnc.net for more information.

You can see a few of the different machines we have designed and built on the following link:

Click here to see our Custom Build Machine Portfolio