Adding Limit Switch to Mini Coil Winder

Here are some quick instructions on how to fit a simple, low cost micro switch onto the Mini Coil Winder so it can be used with the Homing features of the software.

Click on images for a bigger version.

First you will need to remove the front cover of the controller box

Now you can get to the controller PCB, but to enable it to slide out you will need to unplug the leads from the motors and probably cut off the cable ties that tie the cables together. Also loosen off the screws that hold the P-clips in place.

If you have upgraded your Firmware to version 2.1 and running the latest 3.xx software then you will not need to do the jumper switch part as these should of been removed when doing the firmware update.

You can now slide out the PCB and set the jumpers as shown in above picture.

You can now re-fit the cover and the front panel of the controller box and fix the wires back into the motors. Re-cable tie the wires.

Attach the micro switch to the frame, so the feeder carriage triggers it. I just used a bit of strong glue.

Next is to solder the two wires onto a micro switch and use the Normally Open contacts (N/O)

If you have upgraded your Firmware to version 2.1 and running the latest 3.xx software then you will not need to set it up as a custom machine in the software as you can choose this option on startup in the software. Please see picture below.

If running firmware below version 2.1 and software below version3.0 then carry on reading below:

When the software first detects the Mini Coil Winder it will disable Limit Switches because the Mini as standard does not have limit switches connected. To stop it doing this, you will need to change the J3 jumper which will tell the software that is now has a Custom machine connected.

In the software you will also need to Tick the Limit Switches Installed box and also check that the SPBRBSP and SPFR are set as shown in the image below. Next Click Save.

Also you may want to change some of the other settings, such as increase Feeder Jog Speed if the carriage is to slow moving when Home is clicked.

The seek function is there so the limit switch can be triggered by the carriage coming towards it at any speed. As after it is initially triggered it will then do another home at the Homing Seek Feed rate that should always remain the same after being setup.
The Homing Seek Offset is the distance you want it to move away from the Limit switch before it does the seek. Make sure this is enough to allow the switch to dis-engage.

You should now be able to Home your Mini by clicking on the yellow Home switch in software. The Offset value will be the distance you want the feeder to be after moving away from the switch.

Testing Video