A global, well known company, that provides integrated power solutions for customers in civil and defence aerospace, marine and energy markets approached CNC Design Limited with a specific spec of what they needed a machine to do.
The machine first of all need to do very long windings over a fair distance with various size cores.

It also needed to be accurate over the entire length but also fast.

The pictures of the finished machine are below. We cannot go into too much detail on what the machine will be used for as it is confidential information. But with our custom electronics, firmware and software it performs and does exactly what the customer ordered.

The machine has a framed protected cover that is motorised and can be lowered using the buttons on the control panel or via the software.
Dual Chucks driven by high torque stepper motors which can go much higher than 2000 RPM with our custom electronics and firmware routines that ensure interpolation on both Axis’s is spot on.

Each of the bobbin motors are mounted on hiwin style rails that allow them to slide up and down the length of the machine. This allows for a mixture of core lengths to be mounted in the solid chucks for winding.

The wire feeder arm has a mounting plate to hold the spool of wire that moves along on hiwin style rails via a high quality C5 Ball Screw and driven by a high torque stepper motor.
With built in ceramic wire guide, porcelain wheel, felt tensioner and ruby guide nozzle the feeder arm lays down the wire in the exact place on the bobbin.