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CNC Coil Winder ARM MKII V2.6 with Firmware V1.9


Implemented in CNC ARM Controller MKII Software Version 2.4
Over the years we have been asked if it is possible to run more than one Coil Winding Machine on a single computer.

The answer has always been NO, but after a bit of playing around we have released a new Test version for anyone that has more than one machine and would like to try.
As stated this is a TEST and we do not guarantee performance like you would get with a dedicated computer for each machine.

This will only work with machines fitted with the latest ARM Controller Board MKII.

The Coil Winding Machines we supply all have the same USB VID/PID identification and this will need to be changed on the extra machines that you want to run. This can be done by programming up a different version of the firmware for each machine and also installing a version of the software that will launch multiple sessions.

Here is a list showing which machine should have which firmware programmed into it.

Machine 1

Machine 2

Machine 3

You will need to use the JTAG programmer that was supplied with the machine to update your Coil Winding machines.

When the test software is launched it will now come up with a Launcher menu. So if we chose to launch three machines then it would launch 3 instances of the software and show on each screen which machine it is connected to.

Follow the link below for the full list of changes.
CNC Coil Winder ARM Controller MKII Software - Changelog